Rotation Diet – Week 2!

We just finished our first full week of having our daughter on a food rotation diet to aid in healing her leaky gut.  It’s actually now been about a week and a half.  But I didn’t actually make a full menu for her until a week ago.  The week went okay.  There were a few days when she did not care for something or I didn’t have enough snacks planned for her appetite.  She is very active and athletic, and I need to take that into account.

So for this week, I made some adjustments and I got more creative with the menu.  It helped that I got her to agree to eating some vegetables for breakfast.  That helps, since that’s what her brother and I eat for breakfast, and really, my goal here is to make one meal for the whole family.  I’m not sure how veggies are going to fly with my little ones.  But having homemade granola or oatmeal in the house usually makes them pretty happy.  And when all else fails, smoothies are always a winner.

I’ve attached this week’s meal plan.  This is the first week in a few months where I am cooking all of our meals.  Your good thoughts and prayers are appreciated.  I am really hoping I don’t spend the whole week in the kitchen!  I kind of have other things to do, too!

Weekly meal planner week2


More Challenges

Well, we received our daughter’s food intolerance test results and the foods she has issues with are pretty much the same as the rest of us, plus a few more.  This is common within a family, as the individuals within a family share a common diet.  That’s actually the good news.

The bad news is she has an extremely leaky gut, even more so than I had over a year ago.  Leaky gut is caused by a variety of things, including use of antibiotics, GMOs in the diet and candida albicans.  In her case, all three have played a role.  According to her test results, she should be much sicker than my son, who also has a permeable gut.  But his issues are different, in that he is still recovering from CMV Mom.

How do you tell by looking at someone’s basic food panel that they have a leaky gut? In her case, it was unmistakable.  She reacted to nearly every single food on the test.  No one is intolerant to every basic food, which tells you that her gut health is severely lacking.

So, what is a leaky gut or gut permeability?

A permeable gut is damaged intestinal lining where the tight junctions between cells loosen, allowing undigested food particles back into the bloodstream.  That’s not supposed to happen, so it triggers an inflammatory response from your immune system.  This cause a boatload of problems I won’t get into here.  A few are diabetes, skin inflammation, asthma, etc.  For more information about leaky gut, I’d encourage you to research it.  It is very interesting.  The thing about leaky gut is that it causes a myriad of different symptoms and each persons symptoms are different.

Our guts contain approximately 70% of our immune system, so when it is not healthy and working properly, we are at risk.  How to heal the gut?  Well, the first step is to avoid foods that give a strong immune reaction for at least six months.  Sis is reacting to everything, so the moderately reactive foods will  need to be rotated, because, well, she has to eat SOMETHING, right?  This means we must rotate her foods out every four days, which can be a challenge in the kitchen as I try to create menus and snacks that literally EVERYONE in the family can eat.  At this point, I am making 2-3 different meals at each meal to accommodate everyone’s issues.  I really don’t have to time for that, so I need to put a lot of thought into this.

She and my son are both also on supplements, which require me to have a supplement schedule so I can keep it all straight.  I spent some time yesterday getting it all down on paper so I can post it in the kitchen, just underneath my bulging vitamin and supplement cabinet.

Attached is Sis’s menu for this week.  At least I’ve got her figured out for now! Weekly_meal_planner

I’m losing my chef after this week, so it’s all on me next week.  Can I do it?