Comment Policy

Note than I am an unashamed Christian.  This is my place to freely express my thoughts and write about my life and try to encourage others in their walk.  Nothing here is in the interest of political correctness.  I do welcome comments of all sorts and I love the exchange of ideas, even dissenting opinions.  I read and try to respond to them all when appropriate. 

However, this is my home on the web and I like to keep my home welcoming to others.  The tone and atmosphere of my home is my responsibility and I do take it seriously.  Therefore, there will be times when comments may be deleted.

If you write a comment and it does not show up, this might explain why:

  • You are a first time commenter and your comment is highly critical.  Friends might get away with  this way in my home, but strangers will not.
  • You are a known or suspected internet troll, regardless of the nature of your comment.
  • I deem it crude, aggressive, slanderous or needlessly offensive to my family, friends, readers, or other commentors.
  • It opens up a big can of worms that I do not have time to address.

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