About APN

Thanks for stopping by Almost Plum Nearly! I am a saved by grace Daughter of the King, Wife to my Beloved and Mother to 6 Amazing Children whom I home educate. My family is my first ministry. My second ministry is helping others feed their families healthful, whole, real foods.

Beyond that, I have many more interests than I have time for, but here are the top five: food & nutrition, reading, writing, research & history/genealogy (Nope, I’m not Mormon -just a history freak!).

I’m a California native raising my family in gorgeous rural Oregon.  Come along with me and share in my journey to become a Proverbs 31 woman!

Blessings today,



2 thoughts on “About APN

  1. Hi Kris! Thanks for stopping off at my blog! I wanted to share why I consider myself a Christian and a ‘true feminist’. True Feminism was taught by Christ Himself. Whereas the culture of the day said that women could not mingle with men, sit at their table, learn with them about Biblical/Judaistic principles, or even talk in public, Jesus invited women into His inner circle, lauded them in public, and taught them alongside men.

    Likewise, if you look at first-wave Feminism of the mid 1700s and later, before the liberal Feminism of the mid-1900s, most were established and ran by men and women of the church who believed that women had the right to refuse sex to their husbands, women had the right not to be beaten by their husbands, had the right to legal assistance when physically or sexually assaulted, had the right to make money, vote, own/rent property, and to learn.

    In the spirit of true feminism, I believe a woman has the right to reproductive freedom AS IN, the ability to refuse non-consensual sex, to not be coerced into an abortion, to be able to choose where and with whom she gives birth, and the right to breastfeed in public without medical or societal scorn.

    I believe in a woman’s right to have a relationship with her Lord and Savior by reading the Word, attending public and private church events, leading women’s small groups, learning alongside her husband in church, and utilizing the fruits of the spirit for edification of herself and the body.

    I believe a woman has the right to own property, have a job, and make money. I believe in economic equality. LIKEWISE, though, I believe she has the right to stay home, raise her family, and homeschool them without the government infringing or hindering that right.

    If you want more information on it, take a look at these links:


    • Nicole,

      None of these ideals you describe I would consider feminist. I would consider them, for the most part, Biblical. Except that I would not refuse my husband without a very good reason. But my husband lives with me in understanding, as in I Peter 3:7.

      When I think of feminism, I think of the modern feminist movement which is striving for a more androgenous society where there is no differences between men and women. I embrace my femininity, and all the wonderful differences between my husband and I. I like my daughter to look like a girl and my sons to look like boys. God made us wonderfully different, but equal, heirs of the throne.

      I don’t see your beliefs as feminist at all. They are a picture of Biblical equality and scripture lived out.

      Thanks for stopping by and explaining.

      Blessings to you and yours,

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