Rotation Diet – Week 2!

We just finished our first full week of having our daughter on a food rotation diet to aid in healing her leaky gut.  It’s actually now been about a week and a half.  But I didn’t actually make a full menu for her until a week ago.  The week went okay.  There were a few days when she did not care for something or I didn’t have enough snacks planned for her appetite.  She is very active and athletic, and I need to take that into account.

So for this week, I made some adjustments and I got more creative with the menu.  It helped that I got her to agree to eating some vegetables for breakfast.  That helps, since that’s what her brother and I eat for breakfast, and really, my goal here is to make one meal for the whole family.  I’m not sure how veggies are going to fly with my little ones.  But having homemade granola or oatmeal in the house usually makes them pretty happy.  And when all else fails, smoothies are always a winner.

I’ve attached this week’s meal plan.  This is the first week in a few months where I am cooking all of our meals.  Your good thoughts and prayers are appreciated.  I am really hoping I don’t spend the whole week in the kitchen!  I kind of have other things to do, too!

Weekly meal planner week2


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