A New Year & New Challenges

I’ve been absent for an extended time, again, and thank you for your continued patience with me.

We have had a challenging year and this new year looks to be a continuation of some of those challenges, plus a few new, more delightful ones.

Our eldest son has had a long term illness since May that has required a lot of my time and energy.  It started as CMV Mono and just snowballed.  We’ve been working with a naturopath and are seeing some results.  He is keeping a blog and you can read his story here, if you like.


Noah at his last Judo Tournament in April.  This is where I am sure he contracted CMV.

In addition to my own food intolerance issues, and those of my next son down, we are dealing with his, as well.  The good news is that we have mostly the same issues.  The bad news is I have spent the past year trying to re-program myself in the kitchen and it’s been a tough road for me.  We are currently waiting for our oldest daughter’s test results, which will hopefully show the same food intolerances and no big surprises!

I had my kitchen pretty organized and my meals all laid out, my pantry inventory in writing, (all of which may be found on this site!) and I even spoke on this topic to encourage others.  It’s a topic that is important to me and I like to share what I have learned and discovered along the way to help other busy Moms feed their families with a plan to keep stress and food costs down.  I still feel like I can help others with this, but I am learning more about doing it with food issues in mind which requires me to do a lot of research and sometimes get creative.

Between this and my son’s slow progress in healing, this past 8 months has felt like a long road of two steps forward, one step back.  He’s frustrated.  I’m frustrated.  We’re all just pretty darn frustrated.

In September, we got a bit of a surprise when we discovered that Baby #7 was on his/her way! Wow!  It was a lot to take in at first, because we just weren’t expecting that news, HEHEHE.  If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you know I get very ill during pregnancy, so it’s been a challenge to keep up our usual pace, make sure the housework is done and keep everyone fed properly not to mention keeping everyone educated, to doctor, dentist, orthodontist, chiropractor appointments AND our outside commitments (which we could not just drop without leaving others holding the bag)! Life can’t just stand still while I develop a long-lasting relationship with the throne.

In November, our youngest got Pertussis.  I was up every night for three weeks with her.  The Chinese call it the 100 day cough.  Yep, she’s still coughing!  I was exhausted.

We had to get help.  There is no shame in getting help when you need it.  NO SHAME.  Hugging the toilet is not very conducive to scrubbing it, although I guess since I was there, anyway, it could have worked. But you know what I mean.  It was about survival.  So Beloved got me some help, after I nearly had an emotional breakdown before Thanksgiving (pregnancy hormones, and all that).  It was either hire help, or send the kids to public school (not MY suggestion).  It did not take me long to insist that made no sense AT ALL.  NONE!

He instructed me to hire a chef, and that is what I did.  Why a chef when I enjoy cooking so much?  Well, when I’m nauseous, I really don’t enjoy it that much.  We were living on frozen pizza, and it wasn’t working.  Plus, I tried to hire someone to come in and clean, too.  But I found someone to cook, first, so that is what we went for.  She is a trained chef and it’s been a great experience.  He found me someone to clean, too, but he never followed up, and I’ve been doing it, so everything worked out okay.

So, now as we prepare for a May baby, we have a bunch of projects we are trying to wrap up for our business:

  1. Get our new business website finished.
  2. Hire a secretary.
  3. Hire a technician.

Boom!  YEAH!

At home:

  1. Re-organize and decorate family room. (Nearly finished!)
  2. Re-organize and decorate girls’ room and move C in with Big Sis. (Sis grew impatient and started this project without me.  Will post pics, soon!)
  3. Install kitchen backsplash and new shelving.
  4. Move new baby things into C’s dresser, and adjust crib to correct level.
  5. Get new dog quarters and new storage shed built. (We’re half way there!)
  6. Remove side fence and relocate, with new materials/design.
  7. Take apart master bedroom, re-organize and do a deep cleaning.
  8. Freeze meals, stock pantry and dry goods to keep from having to leave the house after baby is born.
  9. Assemble birthing supplies.

We have a lot to do.  How are we going to manage?  Stick with me and watch as we figure it out was we go along.


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