Garden Update

2013 GardenLast year, I was not able to plant a garden because I knew my husband was planning to tear up our yard, but I didn’t know when he would get to it. I was also tired of fighting bamboo and other weeds, so taking a break from gardening in the ground was kind of nice. But produce cost me a pretty penny all summer long.

We did have a tractor come in and move dirt around and grade everything and it looked really nice, until the weeds came back. We were supposed to get a lawn in this spring, but when we have the time, we don’t have the money and vice versa. I’m sure many of you can relate. Our business provides good income throughout the year, but is very busy in the spring and summer months and that keeps my husband from working on home projects when the weather is at it’s best.

We decided to at least get some raised beds in so we can grow some vegies and herbs this year. I missed it so much last year and knowing how well my parents’ garden did with the organic soil they’d purchased got me excited to have my own raised beds and see how well ours would do.

You see, I do not have a green thumb at all. The only houseplants I can keep alive are succulents. I just keep trying. Every. Single. Year.

Having our own home grown food is very important to me, so I just don’t give up on it, even though I don’t seem to have any talent for it. This year, talent does not seem to be required. Spending the money on the right dirt has paid dividends in hundreds of pounds of summer squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, kale, broccoli, chilis, with a lot of pumpkins coming, still, as well as some watermelon.

The garden did so well it got out of control and needed a haircut. Here it is post haircut.  Can you even imagine what it looked like before?

2013 Tomato Garden

Don’t mind the smoke. Southern Oregon is riddle with wildfires this summer. We’ve been to the point where our air quality was hazardous for several days. That was tough with six kids inside when they should have been playing in the pool, etc. Anyway, I’ve given the garden two haircuts thus far, and it’s going to need another before we’re done.

I’m hoping to do a fall crop and then I will plant a cover crop that will be turned into the soil in the spring. That will be my first time using a cover crop, so we’ll see how that goes.

Until next time, blessings today,

Miss Kris


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