I Could Be Better Prepared

2013 Forest Fires

Summer 2013 Southern Oregon Wildfires

If you’ve read this blog for long, you know that I am into preparedness.  That does not mean I am ready for anything and everything and super organized, because I’m not.  But I continue to work toward being more prepared because I feel the great responsibility of caring for our children not just in every day life, but also in challenging situations like natural disasters, epidemics and whatever else may come our way.

Like the situation we’re in right now.  We live in an area with a lot of wildfires burning.  Thousands of acres of forests are burning and over 100 homes have been evacuated.  We hope and pray for the safety of residents and firefighters and for the protection of property.  If you live in the area and would like to do something to help, please leave a comment here and I will direct you to a local program working to provide some relief to our firefighters.

Now, the fires are not too close to our home and it doesn’t look like they will be.  But this has been a good exercise to show me what I am not prepared for!  What would I need to be prepared for if the fire isn’t coming my way, you ask?

Hazardous air quality!

The wind has been just right to send all that smoke our way and last night the air quality was so bad it was off the charts.  To give you an idea, it was three times the worst air quality ever recorded for Los Angeles, California, a city known for it’s smog and poor air quality.  I’ve been monitoring the Air Quality Index (AQI) all day and we are pretty much stuck indoors since late yesterday.

They are recommending N95 or P100 respirator masks if you must go out, which we do.  We have animals to care for and you can’t completely stop life for an undetermined amount of time.  There are just things you have to do, sometimes.

But, of course, I have not gotten to the point in my preps that I have these handy dandy masks in my stores and I think a part of me depends too much on what I “think” my husband keeps for work in his warehouse.  I asked him if he has some of those kind and of course, he doesn’t right now.

Enter Amazon Prime.  I expect the smoke will not clear by the time I receive these in two days.  I bought them on my husband’s recommendation, as these are the kinds of items he deals with in his business and although the ones without the valve are a lot less expensive, he says the valves are the best to have.

3M N95 Respirator


Now, it’s a good thing in this situation that I can remedy my lack of preps in this area using Amazon Prime.  We’re using damp bandanas in the meantime.  But what if I couldn’t?

This is my wake up call to myself and to you all. 

Just do it. BE PREPARED for anything that could possibly happen in your neck of the woods.

Now, if only they made those handy dandy masks for dogs and chickens . . .


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