Training Children for Independence

Having a big family, it can sometimes be too easy to get caught up with the day to day needs of each child and not concentrate so much on training them for the future.

But we aren’t raising children, here.  We’re raising future adults.  And part of parenting is training them to be independent adults who can take care of themselves and contribute to their families and to society.

With that in mind, we came up with a list of skills by age to help us train our children for independence.  It helps us to have things in writing so we can remember what we need to teach them and it’s handy to print out one copy for each child to track their progress.  We just use a highlighter to line through each skill as it is obtained.

Please note this is a copyrighted list.  We’re making this available as a guide to help you come up with your own that will meet the unique needs of your family.  Please use the list of skills and the ages only as a guideline to come up your own.

Our children learn piano beginning at age 7, but you may wish yours to begin violin at age 8.  You may not have a family business for your kids to learn, or you may not have any girls, so you would not care to teach about caring for cosmetics.

Since each family is different, take this list to start with and customize it to meet the unique needs of your own family.

Training Children for Independence: List of Skills by Age


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