Why I Love My Large(r) Family…

There are so  many reasons I love having a large family.  Compared to some of my online friends, six kids really isn’t that many.  But most folks?  Well, they have a hard time wrapping their heads around why we have so many and how we make it work.

Here are just a few of the reasons I love having a large(r) family:

1. There’s always someone to play with.

2. Parenting a teen and a baby and everything in between is challenging, but fun and rewarding at the same time!  Teaching my older children to dance and my little children to read, shopping for formal dresses and onesies on the same outting, feeding teenagers and babies and picky middles at the same table, rocking a baby while counseling a teen; I’ve got it all!

3. There is no time for boredom.  I am constantly being challenged by my work, resulting in many lessons learned and lots of great personal growth.  Warning: If you ask the Lord for patience, you WILL learn it -the hard way!

4. Got a tough job to do?  Many hands make light work!

5. Can you imagine multiple talents, ideas and thoughts crashing together to create a wonderful invention, business plan or solve a great problem?  Now imagine this can happen without even leaving your house!  Too cool for words!

My large(r) family is awesome!!!


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