6 Random Kitchen Tips for the Busy Mom

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to blog lately.  But I thought I would quickly share a few tips that have been helpful for me in the kitchen that may or may not be new to you.

Tip #1

We eat muffins a lot around here and I have found this to be  a great tool: my ice cream scooper.  Use an ice cream scooper to fill your muffin cups.  It’s the perfect size.

Tip #2

If you don’t like your hands smelling after you’ve worked with garlic, wash them and rub them on your metal faucet while washing.  It takes away the garlic smell.  I have no idea why, but it works.  Something about the metal neutralizes the garlic.

Tip #3

When baking or cooking, double or triple your batch and put the extra in the freezer.  Same effort yields more meals/snacks, and it  uses less power, too.  Plus you have instant meals ready to go.

Tip #4

Keep items in your pantry at all times that will make at least three meals.  I like to make meals in a basket, which I wrote about here.  However you do it, be sure that anyone in your family is able to make meals out of what you have on hand in an emergency/time crunch/what have you.

Tip #5

Train your kids to cook.  Our eldest two are coming along, although I would like to see them cooking full dinners for us very soon.  In my opinion, I’m a bit behind on this with them at 11 and 13 years old.  We’re working on it.

Tip #6

Prepare salads on the weekend that will keep in the frig through Tuesday or Wednesday.  Make them part of your meal plan.  Pasta salad, fruit salad and coleslaw are a few that keep pretty well.  You can then prepare more salads on Wednesday, rely on frozen veggies the rest of the week, or, if Wednesday is your shopping day (when the new ads start), you can change up your plan, buy fresh veggies, etc.


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