A Streamlined Meal Plan (with links)

Do you ever get discouraged about what to serve at meal times or lack inspiration in your meal planning?  I do. 

Recently, I’ve been in kind of a meal planning slump.  I stopped planning my meals ahead about a year or so ago (probably about the time the morning sickness hit, lol) and it hasn’t been pretty. 

I mean, for the most part, I can throw together a pretty good meal without thinking ahead about it.  But it’s pretty stressful on me and a meal like that doesn’t have much of the best ingredient of all in it, LOVE.  When you’re in a rush, it’s hard to do the extras that make cooking for your family a joy.  Not planning ahead and making a meal out of panic steals the joy out of it for me.  So I am pulling myself up from the gooey mud and trying to right the situation.

A friend of mine shared with me years ago how she does her meals and I am taking my inspiration from her.  She made the same thing the same night of each week, as her family was extremely picky and that was the only way to please everyone.  She just served what they like only: spaghetti, tacos, etc.  It made it easy for her to shop every week, as she always had to buy the same exact things, etc.  And that worked really well for her.

Okay.  For someone like me, that is a bit too simplified.  For one thing, I really do like to cook.  I also enjoy trying new recipes and my family is really not that picky, either.  But I find a lot of merit in this idea.  So I have streamlined how I am going to do things and here is my plan:

Mexican Mondays

Crockpot Tuesdays

Pasta Wednesdays

Egg Thursdays

Pizza Fridays

Okay, so this gives me a guideline and makes it easier to plan.  But this gives me a lot of wiggle rooms and we can keep a variety going, too.  Obviously, there are a lot of Mexican dishes to choose from, as well as pasta, egg, and crockpot dishes.  Fridays have pretty much always been a pizza night for us, or stromboli as an alternative.  Have I ever mentioned that Friday nights are my favorite?  That’s because pizza is my favorite food.  Oh. Yum. Me.

I will be keeping you posted about how this works out for us, and I may even have to do something like this on the weekends, too.  We’ll see how it goes.  So this streamlines weeknight dinners for me, which is only one meal of the day.  But it’s a start!

UPDATE: Some have asked what I cook on the weekends.  Currently, on Saturdays we eat leftovers, unless I crockpot something.  Sundays I usually make a grilled sandwich.  I want to get back to making a big Sunday dinner.  But since we started going to church on Saturday nights, I haven’t been planning a big dinner on the weekends.  I’m not sure why.

What’s for dinner at your house? 

Monday: It’s bean tacos for us tonight.

Tuesday: Crockpot Cassoulet, Spinach Salad

Wednesday: Homemade Macaroni & Cheese, Hamburger Patties, Broccoli

Thursday: Migas

Friday: Vegie Pizza

Blessings, Kris


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