This is the longest I have been away from my personal blog.  I didn’t really mean to take this much time off, I have just been so busy and my energy has been going to doing things rather than writing about them.  But hopefully I am back.

What on earth have a I been up to?

Well, you mean besides having a baby, right?

I’ve been planting a garden, planning our homeschool year, cleaning my house and getting it ready for my first homebirth (which went awesome, by the way), having a baby, enjoying my baby, trying to keep a garden alive, ordering homeschool books, getting organized for school, canning….and on and on. 

Then, in August, my father in law passed away suddenly.  So that has taken up some time and energy, too.  We all traveled to California for the funeral.  But mostly it has taken time for my Beloved, as he has traveled to California several times since.  But it looks like he is home for the winter (we hope).  And, although we are saddened by his Dad’s passing, some good things have come of it.  The Lord really does work in mysterious ways!

Now we are into full on school and all of the normal things that go with it.  We are actually supposed to be living on a schedule; still working on that one!  We are enjoying fall field trips and crisp mornings, hot cocoa and learning together.  And I am looking forward to sharing it all with you once again.

So, keep reading.  And please don’t forget that I heart comments.  Happy fall!


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