My Garden Plan 2011

I have purposely decided not to be as ambitious in my garden this year.  For one, my ambitions never seem to pan out.  For another, I am 30 weeks pregnant.  I want to be careful not to plant too much that has to be canned, etc., as I’m pretty sure canning is out for me this year.

So I planted what I have had success with in the past, and what I know I can deal with when it’s ready.  Here’s what I planted this year:

Tomatoes, of course!  I like to plant a lot of sauce tomatoes and then dehydrate them.  I can handle dehydrating this year.

Sweet Peppers.  I haven’t had a lot of luck with these, but I’m going to keep trying.  I like red peppers okay.  I just don’t like the store price, and forget about organic!  Whoa.

Jalapeno Peppers.  These can be frozen, no problem.  Can also be dried, but I prefer freezing.

Broccoli.  We’ll freeze whatever we don’t use fresh.  It’s a popular vegie at our house.

Pickling Cucumbers.  They will probably be the most time consuming.  Whatever I don’t pickle, we’ll eat fresh.

Zucchini.  Enough said.  So versatile and what we don’t use fresh can be made into relish, pickled and or shredded and frozen for zucchini bread.

Shelling Peas.  We eat these all w inter.  I plan to freeze them, but may try dehydrating some, too.

Green Beans.  We also eat these all winter.  Will freeze them like last year.

And some melons.  Never had good success with these here, as our season seems to be a bit too short.  But I keep trying.  I got cantaloupe on my own.  Two of my boys wanted to plant a watermelon each and my Mom was accidentally sent some honeydew, which she passed on to me.  We’ll see what happens with those.

Don’t mistake me for a green thumb.  My thumb is closer to brown in color.  Honestly, I am not a great gardener.  I just keep trying every single year and I learn my lessons the hard (and sometimes costly) way.  But I think it’s important to try to grow what we can and it’s great for the kids to see that we can raise some of our own food.  It helps the food budget, too.  I like organic produce, and this is a good way to get it. 

I will keep you updated on how my garden grows this summer.  I would love to hear how yours gets along, too, and I love comments.

Blessings today, Kris


4 thoughts on “My Garden Plan 2011

  1. Hi! Just found your site via a comment on heavenlyhomemakers about water kefir grains, and since I am also in Southern Oregon, I thought I would try to contact you as I am always looking for like-minded folk nearby 🙂 I am in Medford, and will be homeschooling next year for my first year. My daughter will be in 1st grade and I have a 4 yo, a 2 yo, and one due in approx. 4 weeks! No, I’m not Mormon either! Anyways, I have just recently been getting into the real food thing as I am sure God wants us to eat what He made! It has to be much superior to what man can make! I was going to see if you were close enough to meet with, maybe you can share some sources, (and your water kefir grains 🙂 ) I also would love to know more about your homeschooling as you seem to have similar philosophies as I do. I couldn’t find just an e-mail, so I hope you don’t mind that I left this as a comment. Feel free not to post it! Anyways, hope to hear from you!

    • Hi Brook!

      My children are 12, 11 (almost), 7, 5 (almost), 2.5 and we are expecting here in about 7 weeks, so I am right behind you.

      Would love to meet anytime. I am in GP. We likely have mutual friends -you never know! You may contact me at krismays at aol dot com.

      Look forward to it!

  2. Hello! I have stumbled upon your blog and have been reading past posts. I only have four children (5,4,3 and 1 all boys) and have been rejuvenated that yes! I can do this! Dear Hubby and I have talked about homeschooling but are not sure either way. May I ask why you chose to homeschool? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. Love your blog!

  3. Oh, Nicci, the list of reasons why is so VERY long! I have four boys, too (+ 2 girls).

    The number one reason is that we are called to disciple our children, to teach them as we sit and walk along Deut. 6:7. We don’t feel we can do that if they are away from us 6+ hours per day. We feel it’s best to have everything home centered for our family.

    There are so many more benefits. Homeschooled children:

    get more sleep
    can talk to people of all ages intelligently
    actually like to learn
    can work at their own pace
    have time to pursue interests
    are active in their community
    have a teacher that really loves them
    get instant feedback on their work
    love to read
    are closer to their siblings
    can take vacations during the school year, when things are less crowded
    learn the family business…and it truly is a “family” business

    Home education is the only way for us. My Beloved is so committed to it that he would continue if something ever happened to me.

    Hope that helps, Nicci. Feel free to email me anytime:

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