Food Storage Photos

Finally!  I don’t know how eagerly you wait to see photos like this, but I just love to see what other’s are doing to prepare.  I wait until new photos and videos show up online.  It is always so nice to get ideas from other people and discover things you never thought of yourself.  So here are some photos of my food storage.  I will try to keep the commentary to a minimum.  But if you have questions, feel free to ask away!

Those plastic bags next to the juice are homemade MREs that my son and I made ourselves.

We do have some GMO soy meat substitute that I purchased when I first started prepping over 4 years ago.  This was before I knew about GMOs.  It’s good for 20-30 years, so I keep up there.  I figure if things get that bad, we won’t care much anymore by the time we get to those cans.

 These are mostly items we eat on an everyday basis.

Yes, we do still have some less than healthy choices in canned goods.  But since I do not yet have a pressure canner, and these are items my husband enjoys, we do stock some things that are not my first choice.  But they do get eaten.  Some of these items, like the cream soups, have been in our pantry for some time and we are still trying to use them up.  I have found much better alternatives. 

Some food buckets, appliances, bleach and first aid.

Our food buckets.  We’ve been advised not to stack them this high.  The lighter items are on the top.  But we have plans to put planks of wood between the levels to more evenly distribute the weight.  So far, we have had no problems, though.

We have about 65 buckets full of the following: 3 different types of wheat, rye, rolled oats, powdered milk, beans, peas and lentils, sugar, sucanat and more I am probably forgetting right now.

We keep our personal hygiene stock and kitchen seasonings, etc., in the house.  I will make another post for those items another time.

We definitely have room to stock more, and I will keep you updated on our progress.  Until then, happy prepping!


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