Rolling Meals…Again!

I am positive I have talked about this before (Oh, yes!  Just realized I talked about this over here).  But it bears repeating.  And since I am doing it yet again this week with pretty good examples, I thought I would share once more about how I roll meals.

This is also called COST Cooking (Cook Once, Serve Twice) and goes along well with what I have read called the Pemmican Principle.  It’s basically planning leftovers, but maybe not in the traditional sense.

On Sunday, we had a Birthday Celebration.  So, knowing I would not want to cook that day, I put in the crockpot the following items: Potatoes, Carrots, Celery, Onions and a browned Roast Beef.  I made some nice gavy and that is what we had for dinner on Sunday night.  I thought we might have beef leftover, but not so.  We are right on the cusp of teenagerhood over here for a few of our children and they are already eating that way!  But I did have plenty of cooked vegies leftover.

Last night, I made Beefy Spanish Rice (I used two day-old salsa I had previously made to make the Spanish Rice) and served it with Jack Cheese and Sour Cream, Raw Broccoli and Dip.  I cooked enough beef for two meals and put half in a pint jar for later.

Tonight, we will have Chicken Pot Pie with the Vegies leftover from Sunday night, with Peas and a Can of White Chicken Meat (from our food storage) added (I don’t have fresh chicken at the moment). 

Tomorrow, we will have Spaghetti using the meat I reserved from last nights dinner.

This is an example of rolling meals that produces four dinners for a family of seven.  Yet, you are not eating straight leftovers.  Disguising the leftovers makes them more appealing for the family to eat.  Certains things my family has no problem eating twice, others….eh!

I have no idea yet what I will do on Thursday, but it will likely be egg based (Quiche?), since I just picked up five dozen yesterday.  What I make somewhat depends on the weather.  And Friday will be, as usual, Pizza or Stromboli.  I am leaning toward Hearth Bread Pizza with a pesto-like sauce.  We’ll see.  So, basically vegetarian the rest of the week.

I hope this helps someone out on their time management and grocery budget.  Don’t forget that soups are an economical way to “disguise” leftovers.  They are nourishing and good for you, too, especially when you use a bone broth as the base.  A once weekly soup, salad and bread night can do a lot to help the food budget stretch.

Eat well! Kris


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