How to Teach a Stubborn 7 Year-Old….?

My middle child (for now) is a 7 year old boy who has a stubborn streak.  He is difficult to teach at times, so I have devised a strategy to get  him to cooperate more with me for his schooling.  Here’s my plan.  If you have been in the same boat, I welcome any advice.

I really want my children to love to learn, which is one of many reasons I homeschool them.  Imagine my disappointment to find that this guy has no interest in anything.  Part of it is he is in rebellion.  And part of it may have something to do with his diet.  I suspect he might have a gluten issue and I need to deal with it.

So, besides bringing him once more under our authority, what else do I do?

Here’s the plan, which I instituted yesterday and met with some success:

  1. School him first, before anyone else.  If I don’t sit him down before I start with everyone else, I lose him.
  2. Teach Your Child to Read with 100 Easy Lessons.  Do this every day!
  3. Read him a good book.  Yesterday it was St. George and the Dragon.  He LOVED it.  I bought a bunch of others that seemed like they’d be interesting for him and our almost 5 year-old.  Five year-old kissed me after reading it yesterday and told me it was perfect.  SWEET.
  4. Keep math short, sweet, interesting and real life.  This guy really needs to see the advantages of learning something that means something in real life.  So I let him.  We do one page of Math from a Spectrum workbook, use some manipulatives or even silverware for setting the table with and just make it real.
  5. I will add in flashcards, etc., as I get him more interested.  So far, he thinks flashcards are a waste of time.  This kid is really something else. 
  6. Outside play.  He is much happier when he gets time to play outside.  And since this is so important for their development, I am making a conscious effort to get him out there, rain or shine.

I will let you know how it goes.  But now, I’m off to make sure everyone else is on track so I can teach him first thing.

Blessings today, Kris


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