Butternut Squash

I will be getting back to my Food Storage series soon.  Thanks so much for your patience, readers, as I figure out this new gallbladder diet I must follow.

It’s been almost two weeks, now, and the very best thing I have eaten since I started this new journey is Butternut Squash.  This is probably my favorite of the winter squashes and it is so versatile!

Butternut Squash may be prepared sweet or savory.  I have seen it as ravioli filling, in risotto and as soup.  The very easiest way to prepare it is to roast it.  And that is exactly what I recently did.

I cubed it into bitesized pieces -a bit on the smaller side, as I was roasting it in a pan that was half-filled with green beans, too.  Over all I drizzled olive oil (one of the only fats I’m allowed to have) and sprinkled with salt and pepper.  I normally roast my winter squash with a sweet bent by adding brown sugar or maple syrup.  But I cannot stomach any of those things right now and wanted something savory to boot. 

I have a pot of herbs on my front porch which has survived the seasons. One of the herbs contained is sage.  Sage is an herb I really enjoy, but I tend to avoid because I am often breastfeeding and it is not recommended while breastfeeding.  But, alas, my little one weaned a month ago and I decided I was going to enjoy some lovely sage.

I asked my eldest son to bring some in and I washed it and chiffonade it.  I tossed it with the Butternut Squash only (it would not go well with the green beans in my opinion) and roasted it in the oven for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

How lovely and satisfying the Butternut Squash was! 

I urge you to try this wonderful and versatile winter squash.  It may even be found organic!  Enjoy!


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