Modesty.  It’s an important subject.  And, it’s a subject that many times, the church does not address.  As a mother of a daughter and four sons (with another baby on the way!), the lack of modesty in people today is of great concern to me.

It grieves me when I see Christian families with their daughters wearing skimpy outfits.  Not only are young people not covering up, but I regularly see undergarments hanging out in plain sight or the non-use of undergarments altogether. 

This is a great stumbling block to our young men.  They are constantly bombarded out in the world with inappropriate images.  Should they have to also worry about that at church?  We need to teach our daughters that how they dress affects the men around them and also affects the way they are treated by others.  Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers has written an excellent post on The Importance of Modesty and I want to direct you over to her blog to read it.

Please read it and pray about it and leave a comment either here for me or for Laura about what you think.  Thanks for visiting!

Laura has had to turn off comments on this post because of disrespect among commenters.  Please be respectful of others beliefs when commenting.  Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Modesty

  1. I understand why it is not high on non-Christian’s lists, but I don’t understand why there are Christians out there who do not take this to heart. I have run into it many times and it saddens me, yet gives me some focus on what to pray about! After all, I am not their judge, nor would I EVER want to be. But I can pray that the Lord will talk to their hearts about it.

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