Master Tonic -What to do with the pulp?

You might think I’m weird, or maybe you won’t.  I’ll tell you what I did with the leftover pulp from the Master Tonic, and you can tell me if I am crazy or not.

I really didn’t want to throw it away after all of the effort it took to chop it all up.  So I pureed it in my new Vita Mix that Beloved bought for me at Costco Friday night, sweet man!  Then I added some sugar (for shame!) and some apple cider vinegar and cooked it like jam.  I bottled it up to use as a condiment for meat.  It made four pints. 

Will we ever use it all?  I have no idea.

Is it fit to use for gifts (as my friends and family cringe)?  It’s a really ugly color, so, nope!  No worries you’ll be on the receiving end of that concoction.

Is it smelling up our frig?  Yes, absolutely. It is so strong, that even bottled, it is permeating everything in the frig.

Am I sorry I was trying to be frugal and not waste anything? Ummm, maybe.

Hey, it never hurts to experiment, right?  We’ll try it for a while and I’ll let you know how that goes.

Blessings today, Kris


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