You don’t buy cereal? Then what do you feed your children for breakfast? (With links.)

We’ve been making changes to our diet for several years, now.  But one of the very first changes I made was to stop buying boxed cereal.  Why?  Here are a few of my reasons:

  1. I don’t care to pay for air.
  2. I have a problem with the extrusion process used to manufacture commercially prepared cereals.  Read this article written in 2001 by Sallon Fallon here.
  3. Most of it contains genetically modified ingredients.
  4. It’s expensive.
  5. There is NO BANG for the buck.  It is not nutritious and they are hungry within the hour.

Most folks know I’m a little…….different.  So when the subject of breakfast comes up, and I mention that we quit buying boxed cereal over two years ago, I tend to get some weird looks.  (They’re thinking, “Oh, boy, what is she talking about, now?”)  Most Moms do a double take and then ask, “But what do you feed your children for breakfast?”

So what do we eat for breakfast?  Lots of good stuff.  I promise.  Here are a few of the things on a normal breakfast menu around here:

Eggs, Any Way….  This is an unlimited category.  We LOVE pastured farm eggs with dark orange yolks.  We’re kind of spoiled now in that my children complain when the egg lady’s egg production is low.  They really do not want to eat store bought eggs. 

On weekdays, I will scramble, bake or hard boil eggs ahead of time for breakfast.  Beloved has brainwashed all of our children into eating their scrambled eggs with catsup (yuck), and I will serve those with toast and homemade jam and some kind of juice and or/fruit.  I always put yogurt and applesauce on the table as well. 

Or, I will bake eggs in  muffin tins with sauteed onions/mushrooms/peppers, whatever I have.  I sautee the veggies, place in a prepared muffin tin, then break the egg over that and bake at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes.  I sprinkle a little cheese on the last few minutes.

In the summer, if I have hard boiled eggs ahead of time, we’ll have those with fruit and yogurt or a smoothie.

On weekends, I generally will make omelets or eggs to order, toast and juice or a hot drink.  And let’s not forget the occasional breakfast burrito!  The weekends is when we might have a meat with breakfast.  Otherwise, we generally don’t include meat.

Assorted Baked Goods…Another popular breakfast category around here is the baked goods.  I have a few stand bys that I like to make, and sometimes I experiment with new recipes.  These are all made with whole wheat flour and healthy fats, like coconut oil or organic butter and served with yogurt or raw, whole milk or smoothies or a thick, hot drink called a soother.  For recipes for Warm Vanilla and Chocolate Soothers, please visit Laura at Heavenly Homemakers

Generally, this is what you might get treated to if you popped in on a baked good morning:

  1. Applesauce Coffee Cake (Eggless and handy for when I’m out of eggs.  I have my own, adapted version, but I found the original at the link.)
  2. Breakfast Coffee Cake with Streusel Topping
  3. Gingerbread Muffins
  4. Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins
  5. Banana Bread

From the Stovetop……We do eat some griddle prepared items for breakfast, too.  Our favorites are whole wheat pancakes or kefir pancakes or French toast.  We also eat oatmeal and occasionally other hot grain cereals with maple syrup.  I would like to do this more, but my older children must have had too much oatmeal when they were young, because they never want to eat it.  My middle child, however, will eat it everyday!  My younger boys tend to follow whatever he does.

Additional FAST Breakfast Items…..During periods when we have a lot going on or are working on special projects, we will eat homemade or purchased granola.  This is the only cold cereal we eat (Unless Beloved snuck to the store and bought something REALLY NAUGHTY, which happens seldom.  When he does that, he is not really buying it for breakfast, though. If you see him doing this, shake your finger at him, will you?). 

Homemade granola bars or protein bars are another good thing to have on hand.  And, I have been known to serve PBJ’s with hard boiled eggs for breakfast before, too.  Hey, it’s pretty nutritious -just don’t make them eat it for lunch on the same day!

I try to plan to create complete proteins so they will be satisfied longer and able to dedicate themselves to their studies instead of thinking about the state of their stomachs.  It makes a difference in their brain power.

Sure, it’s easy to throw out the bowls and the milk and let them have at it.  And we’re not perfect.  We still have entirely too much sugar in our diet.  Sure, it’s natural sugar, but it’s still sugar.   I need to work on that.

But let’s think about what we’re feeding them.  Fast and easy isn’t always best.  Afterall, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day, right?

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6 thoughts on “You don’t buy cereal? Then what do you feed your children for breakfast? (With links.)

  1. Love the idea of baking the eggs and peppers etc in the muffin tin! Lots of good ideas that sound yummy. I’ve been trying to cook breakfast every day and phase out boxed cereal : )

  2. Kris – love this post. Cereal is expensive and it does leave them hungry! The idea for the eggs in the muffin tins is a great one and we will try it!

  3. great ideas Kris! Thank You! I have never liked boxed cereal, but Jon and Adalia eat it, tho not for breakfast. I try to do lots of eggs too, usually make an egg bake on Sunday that they can eat from for a couple of days. We do slip when it gets busy and end up with bagels and cheese on the busy mornings…sigh. Trying to have more good stuff on hand!

  4. Awesome entry!!! I made the coffee cake and it is out of this world!!! We are having breakfast for dinner, so the coffee cake made a perfect dessert!!!!

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