Fall Back Meals

Excuse the military lingo.  Beloved and I share a common passion (well, we share  more than one, actually..): military history, strategy and….well, everything military.  So the lingo comes naturally.

Besides my Meal in Basket idea, I have other “Fall Back Meals” in my repertoire as well.  I’ll bet you can guess what they are, but I’ll share them anyway.  Oh, no, no more pasta.  I promise.


Eggs are a nutritious and inexpensive option for dinner.  We are very particular about the meat we eat, and it can get expensive to buy for a larger than average family.  So at least once a week, planned or not, we have farm fresh eggs in some way, shape or form for dinner.  Here are a few examples of what I make with eggs for dinner:

  • Baked Eggs
  • Quiche
  • French Toast
  • Omelettes
  • Eggs to Order
  • Fried Rice


If I have potatoes in the house, I like to use them for Fall Back Meals, too.

  • Baked Potato Bar
  • Roasted Potatoes & Veggies (whatever I have in the house)
  • Chowder (any kind with potatoes and whatever I have in the house)

Baked potato bar is basically baked potatoes with an array of toppings.  I put everything out on the table, and everyone gets to choose what they want on their potato.  This is fun for the kids. 

Chowder is simple and since I always have milk in the house, it’s a great cool weather Fall Back.  I will share my veggie chowder recipe next week.  It is easy and really good.


We also like to do Taco Bar at our house.  I  just put out all kinds of Mexican ingredients ready to go and they get to choose what they want to do with it: make a burrito, nachos or taco with it.  Whatever they come up with.  Mexican is very popular at our house.  Keeping canned beans in the house and/or pre-cooked meat in the freezer helps put a Mexican meal on the table in minutes.  One of these days, I will be that organized again!

PIZZA, all forms

Pizza is another Fall Back Meal for me.  I always have yeast and flour in the house, so some form of pizza is always possible. We eat homemade pizza at least once a week.  I have different crust recipes, from thick crust to crispy and in between.   I even recently found a recipe for yeastless crust.  Too easy to make pizza -me thinks! 

I make Stromboli regularly, too.  Stromboli is the pizza crust wrapped around meat and cheese, or just cheese, and dipped into a really wonderful red sauce.  I got the recipe from Rachael Ray and we love it.  I make my own dough, rather than use the pre-made like she suggests.  We’ve used all kinds of meats and cheeses.  My favorite is Provolone and Applegate Farms Salami (this is GOOD STUFF).  If you try this, PLEASE make the sauce as she has it and don’t leave out the anchovie paste -trust me!  And, you might want to double the sauce recipe because you’re going to love it!

That’s pretty much my Fall Back Meals list.  If you keep a list of the meals you make in one place, it simplfies meal planning and keeps you from re-inventing the wheel every week.  Even if you haven’t planned out your meals (like me recently), your ideas are on paper for inspiration.  Breaking your list up into categories can be very helpful, especially if you have a Fall Back Meals category on that list.  I will share more about meal planning and photos of my lists in the coming weeks.

Until then, eat well!


This post is part of the Raising Homemakers Homemaking Link-Up.


2 thoughts on “Fall Back Meals

  1. It is always such a great idea to have grocery items on hand to make the family favorites. Then when in a pinch, you have all you need to throw something quick together without thinking! We have a couple standbys as well! We haven’t done the potato bar. That sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Your posts are some good stuff! Just linked over today from raisinghomemakers.com and I am just taking so many notes. I especially needed the breakfast post above!


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