School Days


The last week has been kind of crazy and it’s been hard to settle into our routine.  We’ve had too many outside  activities and some cobwebby brains.  I don’t like to have too many activities outside our home, but September got a little messed up, so we are just going with it. 

Daughter has been taking Horseback Riding Lessons and they are scheduled through September.  As our YMCA Homeschool PE Program normally doesn’t begin until October, I figured we’d begin Homeschool PE right after Horseback Riding ends.  Well, they started Homeschool PE in September this year, so it messed me up a little.  We could have started later, but the kids really had their hearts set on playing soccer, the sport of the month.  In addition, we have Piano Lessons on a day when we have PE, so we really need to push hard to get our seatwork done.

I am also having some technical difficulties with our language program.  It seems like that program has been down more than I’ve had it up and running and it’s a bit frustrating.  It was too expensive to not be able to use it.  So I need to get up extra early and deal with that tomorrow morning.

Son has been taking an entire day to do his math work.  And before you ask me just how much work I’m giving him, I’ll tell you.  It is just a Saxon Math lesson.  This kid is the Dawdling KING!  Um, hello?  You have other subject to complete mister!  So I need a game plan to deal with that, too.

I don’t know about you, but I think being a homeschooling mother is by far the most challenging job in the entire world.  Just my very humble opinion!  And my kids do keep me humble.

Here’s to getting the basics done, at least! 

Blessings today, Kris


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