25 Things

I think we all like to read about others lives. It makes us feel more human and normal when we find similarities and common ground between us. So here are….

25 Things You Don’t Know About Me:

1. I need to join procrastinators anonymous.

2. The sock basket in my laundry which has a sign that reads, “Single sock looking for sole mate,” is so full, I am seriously considering chucking them all and starting over.

3. My favorite color is blue, followed closely by green.

4. I have more hobbies than I have time for.

5. I have twice as many interests.

6. I have never owned a vehicle that wasn’t white…..or that wasn’t foreign made.

7. I dreamed of being a writer, a teacher and a mother. I am living my dreams.

8. I was originally against home schooling my children.

9. I’ve always wanted a large family.

10. I had the names of my 12 children chosen when I was 12 years old, and I haven’t used most of them.

11. I am a published poet.

12. My favorite food is all versions of pizza.

13. All of my boys first and middle names are Hebrew.

14. God told me what to name the last three children….and He was pretty clear about it.

15. I need to use my ears twice as much as I use my mouth, but I fail frequently.

16. I’ve traced some branches of our family tree back to the 1600’s.

17. I LOVE military history.

18. I follow real life cold cases, and sometimes help with online investigation.

19. My husband and I graduated from college together, while both working full time.

20. We served in Lay Ministry positions for 4 years. (that’s pastoring without pay)

21. I work 10-20 hours per week.  Bet you didn’t know that one!

22. I stay up way too late for my own good.

23. I devour books and read as many as 10 at a time.

24. I like to shoot guns -a shot gun is my favorite.

25. If there is a shortcut to getting something done, I will find it, eventually.


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