Update on My Crazy Life

Well, the week is going pretty smoothly and I am getting through these peaches, just not as quickly as I had planned.  I have a fussy 21 month old to contend with, and that’s the hold up.

But I did get those pickles canned and some peach jam made.  This afternoon, I will be at the table peeling and slicing away.  Eggs are the menu for dinner -something easy for a day when I have to concentrate on something else.

Yesterday, my older two kids pretty much organized the library for me.  I only got down therelong enough to make suggestions.  I am certain there are a few things that I need to take care of myself down there, but no hurries, no worries.  Those things can wait.  We can find what we need and that is the important part. 

Late yesterday, my four year old and I made protein bars and fudge balls, so we’d have something to snack on this week while I take care of these peaches.  That should take some pressure off.  I’m telling you, my kids are hungry constantly. 

Thirty minutes after lunch, I’ve got folks asking me for food.  I always tell them they can have fruit between meals.  But that doesn’t work after the bananas have turned too brown to eat, and you can only eat so many peaches in a day.  So I had to come up with something else.

Well, I’m off to switch that laundry again.  Take care and I’ll update Friday with a list of what I have preserved so far.



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