Harvest Bounty

Tonight, most of our meal was from the garden.  It is such an indescribable feeling to know you have provided for your family in this way.  Knowing what is (or isn’t) in your food and providing it at minimal cost to your household is just one reason to grow your own…..well…………..everything!

Baked Ratatouille with Rice/Green Beans with Mushroom Saute

And the recent news should give us all pause.  The recall of eggs, meat and locally, milk, give me even more incentive to work toward being more self-sufficient.  We have many “home improvement” projects on the books -if you consider actually having house paint a home improvement.  I think it’s just being civilized!  But although we have all these things that need to be done, it is our goal to begin raising our own eggs within the next year.  We also plan to plant some fruit, too.

The next best thing (and sometimes it’s the best thing if you simply cannot do it yourself) is your local farmer whom you trust and have a relationship with.  We get our eggs and milk from local farmers/friends.  We’ve spent time with or know these folks and we’ve seen firsthand how the animals are treated and how the product is being handled.  We are free to ask question and make requests because they are available to us. 

We are so programmed to go to the local grocery or big box stores for everything that this concept probably seems foreign to many.  But I would encourage you all to look at what you’re eating and where it comes from.  Are your eggs really coming from Iowa?  Why?  How are they being raised?  How many hands have touched them?

If I didn’t feel strongly enough about my food sources before this past week, I do now.  I am even more determined to feed my family organic, fresh and local as much as possible.

Today’s pickin’s, minus what we ate at dinner or the blackberries my children are picking as I write!

So plant a fall garden, find a local farmer, join a food co-op, learn how to preserve the bounty -whatever you have to do to provide your family with the best local, real food around.  Just do it.

Blessings, Kris


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