Pantry Challenge Follow Up

Well folks, I finally went to the grocery on Saturday and I spent……..are you ready for it? 


That is to feed 7 people organic foods for over a week with a few splurges thrown in (i.e. Santa Cruz Lemonade and Italian Copacola Ham).

We did well eating from the pantry only last week.  However, we had the opportunity to eat out with  Beloved on Friday afternoon for lunch, so we did.  A morning of horseback rising lessons will make you really hungry, I tell ya! 

So I don’t know if that messes up my challenge for you, but I did not go to the store for over a week (Wednesday plus a full week, plus through another Saturday) and we did just fine.  The only thing I bought during that time (besides our lunch on Friday) is our milk from the farmer (Sunday is our day to pick up our milk) and I picked up our eggs from our egg farmer late this past Friday.

So I CAN STAY OUT OF THE STORE.  It is possible.  This is good, because lately some weeks I really feel like I live there. 

A few lessons for me:

1. I need to learn to be even more creative in the kitchen (that’s what is for, right?).

2.  I need to be a little less lazy about planning further ahead (i.e. making bread, etc.)

3. I need to follow my own advice, and keep more “pantry meals” in my pantry.

I am planning on making very easy, stove top meals this week, as I will be doing some canning and I don’t want to heat up the kitchen more than necessary.  Sloppy joes tonight with vegies from the garden!


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