Pantry Challenge

This week I am doing a Pantry Challenge. 

Sometimes I really feel like all I do is go to the store and spend money.  I’m feeling this particularly keenly this week for some reason, so I’ve decided I’m just not going to do it.  I’m making this week a Pantry Challenge week.  Periodically, I try to challenge myself to prepare all of our food for five days out of our pantry.  Honestly, we keep a pretty well-stocked pantry and we have our garden going right now, too, so hopefully it won’t be too difficult.  The biggest challenge for me with this is the bread situation.

We have some bread and tortillas in the freezer so that’s a good start.  If we run out of those, I will have to make my own.  This is not a big deal for some homemakers, but I still have not mastered this art.  I can make Foccacia bread, however.  So I made some to go with our dinner of Broccoli and Chicken Rice Bake with sliced Brandywine tomatoes tonight.  Those tomatoes are so good and we grew them ourselves!

I would encourage everyone to challenge themselves to plan to cook from their pantry for a set period of time.  This is good practice for emergency situations when you simply can’t get to the store or the store runs out of food.  It really shows you where you need to make improvements in your pantry inventory and your frugal cooking skills.  It helps keep you prepared, sharp and innovative.

If you had to cook from your pantry for five days, could you do it?

How long can your family live off your pantry inventory?

I’ll keep you posted as our week unfolds.

Blessings today, Kris


One thought on “Pantry Challenge

  1. I love doing this every once in a while….funny how some things just keep getting pushed to the back of the pantry. Will be watching to see what you make.

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