The Gift

Although today is the Birthday of my Beloved, he bought me a gift on Sunday.

When we got married 19 years ago, we did the usual Bridal Registrations.  Because we aren’t the type of folks to use china, we registered for stoneware, place setting for 8.  I have loved my stoneware very much.  It is the Heritage Pfaltzgraf pattern, plain white with a bit of detail.  Very nice and serviceable.

Pfaltzgraf "Heritage" Pattern Stoneware

Over the years, pieces have broken and chipped and you can’t tell from this photo, but they are showing wear.  I have really needed to replace some.  But actually ordering them up and having them shipped just hasn’t happened.  We need more than a place setting of 8, now, too.  I mean, if we want to have anyone over for dinner we do!  And we do like to have folks in for dinner.

We’ve talked about the benefits of melamine and stoneware.  We thought we were interested in something colorful and considered the Fiestaware.  I also really like Willow patterned china (You know, the blue and white patterns?  My house is all about blue.).  I think we just like too many things, really. 

While at Fred Meyer this weekend, Beloved suggested we go look at the dishes.  He knew I had been admiring the Willow Pattern dishes they got in recently.  We looked at them and at some more colorful patterns. In the end, though, we chose this:

Fred Meyer Open Stock White Dishes

Because cooking and presentation are so important to us both, we decided the simple, white, restaurant style dish was the way to go for our kitchen.  It’s the perfect canvas for food presentation.  The design also helps with portion control since the food will be placed inside the outer rim only, which is on the wider side.  And, we now have enough for 12.

We thought we wanted to something very colorful, but we were wrong.  We could not be happier with these dishes.  And the idea that there are many more pieces and it has been at Fred Meyer as open stock for several years makes them a convenient choice, too.  Besides, do you really think I need more color in my dining room?

My Orange, Green & Blue Dining Room

Thanks, Babe!


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