More Celebrating

We have another Birthday this week in our family -my Beloveds!  I won’t embarrass him by telling you “how many” he is.

His special day is tomorrow.  This is a man that you never know what to give him.  He mostly just works and is home with the family.  He doesn’t really have a lot of time for hobbies or anything like that.  Also, I find having three summer birthdays in a row in our immediate family really makes planning gifts and celebrations challenging.  I know I need to be more proactive about this kind of thing and plan further in advance.  I used to, but life gets in the way as our family grows and I find I am not as disciplined as I used to be about these things.

He really wants to go to the coast this weekend, so we decided he would take Friday off and we’d go for the day and then take him out for a seafood dinner while we’re there.  As for tomorrow, his favorite is berry pie.  So I think I will make use of the blueberries I bought farmer direct last week and put in the freezer.  I will make two Blueberry Pies in the morning for dessert tomorrow night. 

After tomorrow, I need to plan for our eldest son’s 10 th Birthday.  This is a real milestone in our house (5 & 10 years usually warrants some kind of party here).  We gave our daughter a nice party for hers so we need to come up with some ideas for his as well.  Summer birthdays are so much fun because you can have folks outside and BBQ.

Very shortly after Son #1’s 10 th Birthday (our kids seem to like to arrive before other family celebrations), Beloved and I celebrate our 19 Year Wedding Anniversary.  Hard to believe it!  It seems like it’s going by so fast!  I have no idea what we’ll do for that, but I’m excited to find out!

Blessings today, Kris


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