Pet Peeve #1: Bad Customer Service

One of my pet peeves is shoddy customer service.  Actually, it’s probably my #1 Pet Peeve.   I can’t stand it when folks in service positions forget where their money comes from.  Why are they not making the connection?

We were away over the weekend and had a very interesting experience at the hotel resort where we were guests.  One thing I did appreciate about this hotel is when I informed them how many people we’d have in the room, they had absolutely no problem with it.  Many times, with more than four people in a group, they insist you get a second room, which means our family would be split up.  Not so here.  Although the room only had two beds, one queen and one queen Murphy bed (that was fun), they did not mind that we had three more people than beds.  We simply brought cots and sleeping bags for our oldest two children and the baby slept with us.  A full breakfast  came free with our room amd they did not have a problem with all seven of us participating in that, either.  No extra charges.

When we arrived, however, I was flabbergasted to find underneath our hotel room chair and in plain sight, a pile of FECES!  Not human, mind you.  It was of the feline or small canine variety, but UGH!  That’s pretty scary.  I have a problem with hotels that allow animals to stay in the room.  (Board your animal when you go away or camp somewhere, why don’t you?)  But my bigger concern is with maid service that would miss something like that.  Especially since I have an 18 month old running around!

After a phone call to the front desk, we were given a different room, minus any fecal matter and which did seem overall cleaner.  We were also discounted $30 per night off our bill and the housekeepng supervisor sent us a plate of cookies in apology.  The front desk was really fantastic in their customer service.  Although there was no formal concierge, they played the part well and offered advice and suggestions about restaurants, etc.  Their training in customer service did not seem lacking.

I wish I could say the same for the housekeeping staff.  More later……oh,  yes, there’s more!


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