A Full Plate

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed by the responsibilities at hand? I know I do!  What do you do to manage it all?

Here’s what I do to manage everything on my plate and try to get it all done.  That’s not to say I do get it all done.  But I am trying!

#1 Prioritize.  One thing at a time.  What’s most important?  Feed them.  Clothe them.  Educate them.  Do what my husband needs me to do.   If I have an event coming up, I direct most of myextra (ha!) attention to that event, ever mindful of what else is coming up on the calendar.

#2 Lists, lists, lists.  I make a list of what I need to do and prioritize it according to deadlines, etc.  Anything I consider “extra” goes at the end of the list.  These are things I really want to do, but may not have time for. 

Right now, I am working on multiple projects and getting ready for a short trip.  Add  seven people at various stages of getting over the stomach flu and things start to get complicated.  The fact that we don’t want to eat out every meal on our trip (for health and economic reasons) adds some cold meal prep to do before we pile in the van.   Since we’ve been sick the last week, the house is pretty much a wreck so I need to do some damage control there.

#3 Delegate.  Use those people.  If someone in our house is bored or sedentary, they get assigned a job.  If they aren’t, they get assigned a job.  Get the picture?  Do you think I have time to straighten the house right now?  Did I make the mess in the first place?  I am assigning this job to the kids.  Dangling the hotel swimming pool in front of them helps with this! 

What is at the end of my list if I have time?  Oh, and I HOPE I have time.  I would like to color my hair.  Yeah, I’ll let you know how that one goes. Wink.

Here’s my list with what I’ve gotten done crossed off.  Am I avoiding the kitchen, or what?



Clean Kitchen

Finish Packing Clothing

Pack Toiletries

10 AM Web Class (for work)

Review Web Site Revisions

Straighten House

Food Prep: Cookies, Hawaiian Banana Bread, Pasta Salad

Bug Paperwork

Load Van

Color Hair?

Blessings today….Kris


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