A New Ecourse That I’m Very Excited About!

Kimi Harris at The Nourishing Gourmet is now offering an ecourse, and I am really excited to share it with you!  If you haven’t been to her site, you are in for a treat.  She offers real food recipes, tips and techniques for preparing affordable, traditional foods.  Her new ecourse is called A Peasants Feast: Nourishing Food on a Budget.

Kimi has generously allowed me to preview one of her 13 lessons and I can’t wait to see more!  This is a very talented and organized young woman and I am very impressed!  I know I can learn a lot of the traditional foods preparation techniques through this ecourse of lectures, recipes and video demonstrations.

Kimi writes, “I’ve put together a great 13 week ecourse that will give you a bite-sized amount of information every week in the form of topical articles, cooking demonstration videos, and shopping guides.  I will give you tips on where to buy quality food for less, demonstrate cooking methods that both boost the nutritional value of your food and stretch expensive meat, and explain in more detail traditional cooking practices.

If  you’ve wanted to learn how to make your own yogurt, sourdough bread, lacto-fermented foods, or how to sprout and soak grains, or simply how to cook real food this ecourse is for you. If you have a hard time balancing the expensive of buying quality ingredients on a budget, I can help.

By taking this huge topic, and breaking it down into manageable pieces, you can learn and digest new information in a timely manner. By the end of the class, you will have the confidence you need in knowing where to shop, what to buy, and how to cook real food on a budget. By using a class format with forums and facilitating discussions, I will be able to give a lot more one on one support to those in the course than is normally available through my blog. Answering questions and helping troubleshoot is another important aspect of this ecourse.”

I have become an affiliate for this ecourse and will make a small commission if folks choose to follow these links to sign up for her ecourse.  I am hoping to earn my way into this course.   But you all know me -I would never advertise something I didn’t think was worthwhile.

Visit Kimi’s site.  Check out A Peasant’s Feast.  And let me know what you think!


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