What I Did With 6 lbs. of Organic Potatoes

I purchased 6 lbs. of organic russett potatoes on Sunday afternoon, as at Beloveds request I planned to make potato salad for Monday’s BBQ dinner. I went home and scrubbed and bake them all in the oven.   Five were used as baked potatoes with butter, fresh organic chives and sour cream with our steak dinner that night.  The rest, minus eight, were gently peeled and used in the potato salad on Monday afternoon to go with our grass fed beef burgers we BBQ’d. 

I haven’t done my menu plan for this week yet.  I know -for shame!  It’s already Wednesday.  It’s not happening this week folks!  Anyway, this morning, I really had no plan for breakfast at all.  I peered in the frig, sleep-eyed, trying to think of something to feed my crew before they all got up asking for food.  (Some ask for food before they’re even quite “up.”  And some are very cranky if it’s not on the table when they get there.  Not naming any names here.)

Inside the frig was a tray of baked potatoes and a quart canning jar full of uncooked egg whites.  These whites were the result of the 12 yolks I needed for the homemade vanilla ice cream for dinner Monday.  Aha!  I also found a cooked hamburger patty that was extra from Monday night.  Now what was I going to do with that?  Split it between five kids? Yeah, right!!  Green onion, butter…..herbs and spices.  Things were looking up!

I diced the potatoes, hamburger (which seriously resembled steak, Beloved had made it so compact), green onion and put it in a hot pan with butter.  Stirred and browned for a bit and added some Bragg’s Sprinkles, a bit of garlic powder, salt and pepper.  I cooked the egg whites, adding two farm fresh aggs with really dark yolks into them.  No one could tell they were mostly whites.

Then I got the blender out and put in three cups of homemade kefir, a few tablespoons of cocoa powder, three bananas, two tablespoons of raw honey and half a handful of chocolate chips.  Served everything on the table and Sis says, “Are we having breakfast burritos?”  GREAT IDEA SIS!  Why didn’t I think of that? So I got out the Buenatural Whole Wheat tortillas (which I absolutely adore and you have to try), cheddar, salsa and sour cream and that’s exactly what we had.

There you have it.  I thought I had nothing to feed the crew and we ended up eating like kings!  The things you can do with a well stocked pantry are amazing. 

I have three potatoes left and I think I have a clam chowder recipe with their name on it for tonight.  Soup, salad and garlic bread sounds good to me.

Did you know potatoes are notorious for heavy pesticide residue?  According to www.thedailygreen.com:  

“America’s popular spud re-appears on the 2010 dirty dozen list, after a year hiatus.  America’s favorite vegetable can be laced with as many as 37 different pesticides.

Can’t find organic? Safer alternatives include eggplant, cabbage and earthy mushrooms.”

Read more: http://www.thedailygreen.com/healthy-eating/eat-safe/Dirty-Dozen-Foods#ixzz0piUWoyhk

You might want to make sure you buy organic potatoes next time you need some.

Blessings today, Kris


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