Planting Time

Yesterday morning, we planted our seeds and seedlings in the garden.  My Mom and Dad and I, with some help from Son #1 and Son #3 thought he was helping.  Son #2 had a fever, so daughter stayed inside with him and Son #4.

Some of our tomato seedlings got scorched out on my back porch, so I need to go buy some organic tomato plants today.  I also need to buy dog food and see if I can find some portable fencing that is not safety orange.  If I can’t find it, the garden (which is in our front yard) will look interesting and colorful.  Oh, well.

Beloved is currently pressure washing my dishwasher.  It’s a long story.  But suffice it to say, it is built up with gunk in crevices I couldn’t do anything about.  So he took it apart and took it outside to pressure wash the gunk out.  Hopefully it will operate better from now on.  Don’t believe it when the saleperson tells you that you can put your dishe in the dishwasher with food on them.  It simply does not do the machine any good, and you will eventually need a  pressure washer, hehehe.

Later, we are going to the home improvement store to get some materials for a makeshift countertop to go over the dishwasher.  More about that and why we need it later. The dishwashing situation is taking up a lot of our time these days.

Have a wonderful day!


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