What I Did with a Fennel Bulb

What I did with a Fennel Bulb

Photo Credit: Ilva Beretta (Flicker)

Have you ever wondered what you’d do with a fennel bulb? According to wisegeek.com, fennel is a plant that yields both a seed-like fruit and the leafy growth used as an herb. Fennel plants are in the same family, Apiaceae, as anise, dill, cilantro, caraway, and cumin, and their flavor is similar to anise.  I’ve always wanted to buy and prepare one, so I finally did a few weeks ago.  But first, I watched this clip from Melissa D’Arabian on The Food Network for inspiration.  You can find her recipe for the dish she demonstrates here.  Look yum!

I’d been looking for a FRESH fennel bulb that had all of the fronds on it possible.  I finally found an adequate one at our local Farmer’s Market store.  I prepared my own coleslaw with my own dressing, but added the sliced fennel and the fronds.  It was really yummy.  The next day, I prepared this meal I found at www.allrecipes.com, and used it for our main dish that night.  It was really good and a different take on scalloped potatoes.

With the remaining fronds that I had not yet used, I had my daughter trim them off and dry them in the oven for use as dried herbs.  They filled up an herb jar.  I will probably use it to season chicken and fish.

One fennel bulb, three different preparations, and I used everything except a few of the “stem” parts that were tough.  (I don’t know if they are called stems or not, but…you know what I mean, right?)

Try something new.  Check out fennel.  I hear it’s good roasted, too!


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