Choosing House Paint: The Verdict

I should have written sooner about the house paint decision dilemna.  I shared my progress with my Facebook Friends, but neglected to post here about it.  So here is a current photo of the front of my house:

We probably should have tried the colors somewhere besides the front of the house, but that is where the two tone look will be.  The rest of the house will be one color with trim.  That’s why the green we decided on had to be something we would like for a long time.  We are not repainting this house for at least 10 years, more likely more.

As you can see, it took four greens to get the right one.  Daughter was getting a little frustrated by how picky we were being, until I explained to her the cost of painting the exterior of our house and how long we’d have to live with the color.  That backed her up a little.

The color we chose is directly next to the coffee bean on the right (Edited to add: Kris doesn’t know her right from left, evidently.  It is the color on the left, not the right, that we chose.  Sorry!)  It is similar to the original color up top that I chose that was too yellow.  We are pretty happy with our choice and thank everyone who gave their input.

Now, to get the money and the weekend together to do it!


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