Menu Plan Monday, Week of March 21, 2010

Typing one handed this morning, so briefly, here is our menu plan for this week.  Enjoy!


Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins, OJ


Cheese Quesadillas with Homemade Salsa & Guacamole, Sour Cream



Bagels & Cream Cheese

Grilled Cheese, Oranges, Blueberry Smoothies

Baked Chicken with Rice, Roasted Broccoli & Cauliflower



Coffeecake, Milk

Lunch at Classical Conversations Open House

Baked Chicken, Macaroni Salad, Caesar Salad

(Everything make ahead as we are away from home 9-1 and then 3-5 – Busy Day!)



Eggs, Turkey Ham & Toast

Tuna Sandwiches, Kettle Chips, Apples

Spaghetti, Homemade French Bread, Caesar Salad



Fruit, Cottage Cheese, Peanut Butter Toast

Fried Egg Sandwiches, Oranges

Repeat Spaghetti, Bread & Salad



Granola, Milk

Fried Rice

Homemade Foccacia Pizza, Salad




Turkey Ham Sandwiches

Something in the Crockpot, TBD

Snacks on Hand: popcorn, chips & salsa, crackers & cheese, homemade granola bars, cookies, oranges, apples, bananas

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One thought on “Menu Plan Monday, Week of March 21, 2010

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