Our Weekend

All I can say is WOW!

We usually like to try to get a lot of projects done on the weekend.  Beloved works hard all week, and I am pretty much teaching or in the kitchen the whole time, so we leave a lot of stuff for Saturdays and unfortunately, Sundays, too.

But it is often a challenge with so many little ones needing attention.  Many times, it is Sunday night and we are lamenting about what we didn’t get to, and how we’re going to fit it in, etc., etc.  It can get discouraging.

For example, our 5 year olds bed broke before we moved last summer, and he’s been sleeping on the floor on his mattress since.  We just hated that, and Beloved finally got to fix it last Saturday.  But it ended up taking him all day to do it and we didn’t get to our other projects. 

Well, that didn’t last long.  Friday morning, the other side of the bed broke.  Oh, my!  Here we go again.  It is not a good design it turns out.  So Beloved came up with an alternative and got it fixed within a very short amount of time on Saturday morning.  Great job!  Nothing is happening to that bed, now.

Here’s what all we got done this weekend and I am still in awe!

Redesigned & fixed sons bed with material we had sitting at our shop = free!

Built dog house using part of an old shed complete with doggie door, all with material we already had sitting at our shop, which translates as free to me!

Took apart, cleaned & reorganized kitchen.

Polished glasses.

Made: Hamburger buns (failure), croutons, more croutons to use up failed hamburger buns, yogurt (failed once, success second time), kefir, granola (new recipe, not a hit).

Caught up and folded laundry.

Vacuumed house.

Mowed and weed eated property.

Processed grain from Azure order. (Put in buckets, sealed with oxygen absorbers into mylar bags and then closed with gamma sea lids.)

Laid out and plowed garden.

Started a fort.

Discovered our last bee hive is dead.

Now that I’ve plowed our garden, we had frost this morning, LOL.  But we are close to being ready to plant and it feels so good.  We all worked together on these projects which is a wonderful feeling!

Will post my menu later.  Right now I have no idea what I’m cooking this week.  I told Daughter this morning, "when in doubt, take chicken out."  So in some way, shape or form, that’s what we’re  having tonight.

Blessings today,



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