Azure Standard

What is Azure Standard, you ask?  Well, it is the natural foods co-op I really enjoy buying from.  Family owned and operated by Christian folks, Azure Standard is not in every state, yet.  But they do cover many states, including the Pacific Northwest and into the Midwest.

I don’t know about you, but I am crazy happy when my "larder" (pantry) is full.  It’s such a good feeling to know you are well stocked, ready for anything that comes your way, able to feed your kids no matter what… get the picture, right?

Our family is looking forward to our latest order, to arrive sometime tomorrow.  It comes on a big rig, free of shipping charges.  You just have to have enough ordered to make a drop.  If you get all your friends and family together, you can make the $500 minimum no problem.  If you can’t, you can contact Azure to find out who has a drop in your area, ask the drop manager if you can be put on their drop, and just order a minimum of about $55 when you do.

Not only do they carry items that are harder to find in my area, but their prices are good, too, especially if I buy the item in a larger quantity.  Here are a few of the things I purchase from Azure Standard.  All of the following that can be is organic:

Wheat Berries, Rye Berries, Flour, Dent Corn, (for corn meal) Oatmeal, Salt, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Olive Oil, Dried Fruit, All Kinds of Beans and Rice, Baby Wipes (when I’m not using cloth), Seasoning and Spice Mixes and so much more. 

If you are vegetarian or rely on specialilzed foods, like Gluten Free, etc., you should check out Azure Standard.  You will be pleasantly surprised at what they carry and at what price.  They are also a great source for organic meats, vegies and more.  And if you are in my area and need a drop manager, you are welcome to add to mine.

Have a wonderful week!


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