Getting Old and All That Stuff

WOW!  That week went by fast.  They’re right when they say, "the older you get…."  And I am feeling old these days.  Must need some more vitamins, eh?

We had a full weekend.  Housework on Saturday morning, hair appointments in the afternoon, then we headed down to Costco and Food for Less.  Costco has their coupon for organic canned tomatoes this month.  If you use tomatoes, I recommend you stock up.  I did.  We were completely out of them.

I’d never been to the Food for Less we have in this area.  It’s big and kind of scary, if you don’t download the store map before you go.  (Thanks, Mom!)  But they have a very good natural foods section.  I was very impressed.

As with any other store, you need to know your prices before you go.  Never assume someplace has the lowest price just because of their name.  Keeping a price book can come in handy, especially when there is just SO MUCH to look at.

Sunday, we worshipped at church, came home for lunch, and did some paperwork.  Then I baked cookies for an event we’re having at our business this week.  I’l be busy this week getting ready for that.  Today, I meet with someone about the sandwiches for the lunch we’re providing and bake  more cookies.  Of course, when that’s over, I’ll have Thanksgiving to think about.  It’s never ending!

Blessings today,



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