Family Day

Sunday is traditionally family day at our home.  We try not to do much work on Sundays, to leave the day for rest and time together.

We just got home from church, and the children are headed outside to construct Bamboo forts, with Daddy’s help.  They are kept busy with schoolwork and chores throughout the week, and don’t get a lot of time to spend on outdoor projects after the time change.  So today is a good, dry day to do it (so far).  I am feeding the baby his lunch, and I may head out there soon, myself.

Yesterday, I took apart my kitchen and reorganized it.  Should I say reorganized?  I never really organized it much when we moved in last month.  What organizing I did was not kept up by the person who puts away the dishes.  This person shall remain nameless for the time being .

Anyway, I have my appliances, but no cabinets or countertops.  This is the first time I’ve gone without cabinets in a kitchen, but I seem to be adapting pretty well.  I have one 8 foot workbench and my flat topped stove for work surface.  I have my refrigerator/freezer side by side combo, and I also have my 14 cubic foot freezer and my dishwasher and a trash compactor in there.  Oh, I also have two three-drawer units underneath the bench with my Tupperware, dishtowels, bread, and plastic wrap, foil, etc., in them.  On both sides of the stove, I have a large chrome shelving unit purchased from Costco.  Love Costco.  And that’s my kitchen right now.

With Daughter’s help, I removed everything and unpacked boxes that have been sitting and set everything up in a way that made sense.  I decided to put smaller items in bins, since I don’t have drawers and cabinets to put them in.  So, I made a list of what I need and how many, to make sure everything looks neat and organized.  Then Daughter and I took a trip to Walmart to buy bins and Bi-Mart to buy half pint canning jars (for my herbs and spices).

I came home and put everything away in the bins and then discovered my labeling machine needed a new cartridge.  Oh, pooh!  I hate it when that happens.  If I had known, I could have gotten it at Walmart when I was there.  So, we ran by Staples just now to get it so I can finish my job.  When I’ve got everything labeled, I will be very happy.  I love it when things are labeled!

So, now my shelves are looking very neat, and everything has it’s place.  I have yet to finish cleaning off my workbench, but I’ll have to finish that tomorrow before or after school.

My next project is organizing an armoire in the room I plan to do school in.  We’ve been sitting at the kitchen table so far, but I have other plans….

Right now, I’m off to make the weekly menu before I do anything else.  Have a wonderful Sunday!



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