A Little Different

This week has been a little strange, so far.  Today seems a little more normal.  I’ve been having some lung issues, and had to take time yesterday to explore the cause.  Ended up needing an inhaler.  So I basically didn’t get anything else done except a few loads of laundry and one load of dishes, and some beds changed.  No school, or anything else.

Oldest son, "P", also had to see the dentist yesterday, as he had something strange popping up under his tongue.  Turns out it’s a tooth!  Uh, oh!  He needs to see an orthodontist.  Honestly, I thought we had a few more years before we’d need to see one of those.  After our consult, we’ll decide with our dentist how we’ll proceed.  But we’ll likely have to pull his baby tooth to see if the new tooth will end up where it’s supposed to be.  If it doesn’t?  Who knows?

Today, we got some schoolwork and housework done, and then went off to the Grocery Outlet and the Dollar Tree.  We participate each year in the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child.  If you aren’t familiar with this project, click here to find out more.  Our children enjoy filling up the shoeboxes with hygiene, school, candy and toy items.  It’s a challenge, sometimes, to get it all in there!  And it’s fun!

Some of the items we like to include are: Hotwheels, hairbands/clips, crayons, pens, pencils, paper, soap, washclothes, bathpuffs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair brush/comb, playing cards, and of course, candy.

At the Grocery Outlet this week, they have organic BBQ sauce I normally buy at a local market for between $4-5 for .99!  Obviously, I stocked up!  That stuff is good and guilt free, since I know I’m giving my family a high quality product and I am being a good steward at the same time.  I also got Coconut water in shelf stable packs for .50 each!  Wow!  That stuff is great to have around, especially for baby.  So I bought a case of that for my food storage. Also got some good deals on organic crackers and some Annies products.

If you have a Grocery Outlet, check it out.  I’ve been there on and off over the years.  Never got into the habit of going much.  Now that we live in town, I plan to go more.  If I see a great deal, I will stock up for my food storage.  It’s kind of like going to Costco.  You don’t know how long they’re going have it, so you better get it now.

Well, my children need some guidance, so I better go.  Thanks for stopping by!


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