Menu Plan Monday April 20, 2009


Time flies.  It’s been two weeks since my last post and April will be over before I know it.  I apologize for not posting lately.  We’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff here and it’s just been so overwhelming that I am merely in survival mode.  I haven’t even been planning meals or thinking about dinner until after Beloved comes home in the evenings.  This has got to change!

So here I am and here is this week’s menu for all to see and keep me accountable:

Monday: Homegroup-Pizza & Salad Dinner

Tuesday: BBQ Marinated Steak, Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Parsnips, WW Biscuits, Tossed Green Salad

Wednesday: Lentils & Rice with Smoked Sausage, Green Beans

Thursday: Bacon & Egg Stir Fried Rice, SnS Green Beans

Friday: Pasta with Marinara Sauce, Tossed Green Salad

Saturday: Crockpot Chicken Fajitas with all the fixings, Rice Pudding Dessert

Sunday: Grilled Cheese or Leftovers – Clean Out Frig

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