Pantry Challenge – Week of March 23, 2009

This week, a Pantry Challenge!

I’ve challenged myself to eating only what is in my food stores.  I need to practice using what I’ve got and I have a good stock right now, so this should be a fun challenge!  Here’s my menu, minus some details I have yet to work out:

Monday: Baked Ziti, Caesar Salad  Macaroni with Cheese Sauce and Diced Ham, Celery & Carrots

Tuesday: Baked Ziti, Sourdough

Wednesday: Homemade Vegie Pizza  Leftovers from Mon. & Tues.

Thursday: Whole Roasted Chicken with Vegies and Brown & Wild Rice, Applesauce

Friday: Chicken and Rice Soup, Homemade Bread, Canned Peaches

Saturday: Meatloaf (already made and in the freezer), with Buttered Eggs Noodles, Peas, & Pear Pie

Sunday: Breakfast for Dinner

The only thing I should have to buy this week are diapers for my toddler and maybe some soda to go with our pizza Wednesday night.

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