Frugal Friday Tip, On Saturday

Here’s a great tip for those as passionate about books as I am, if that’s possible.  I love buying books!  They are my absolute favorite thing to spend money on.

Buying used books is a good way to spend less on the same item.  Books are generally in good shape when they are passed on and you can save a bundle and get a lot more for your money.

I keep a wish list at and print out a copy to keep in my Home Management Binder.  When I know I’m going somewhere there are used books available, I will take it with me to help me remember what I’m looking for.

Today, I went to our local library book sale and got 10 or 12 books, most of them hardcover, for under $20.  Just buying one of those books brand new would have cost that much, so this is a frugal way to shop. 

One of the books is a large hardcover complete works of Shakespeare, illustrated in pen and ink.  I got some on landscaping, healing herbs, dehydrating food, cooking game, etc.  I went specifically looking for farming/gardening books, cookbooks and do it yourself books. 

What a great deal, and a great way to support your local library!


One thought on “Frugal Friday Tip, On Saturday

  1. Very cool. I've never seen many interesting books for sale at our library, but I need to head to the big used book store to do this.


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