A Day in My Life

A Day in My Life

This was a pretty normal day in my life.  We have a routine.  Sometimes we’re able to follow it exactly, and sometimes life happens.  We are flexible.  I did not get any personal Bible reading done today. Older children rise before me and do Bible Study with Beloved.

7:00 Rise, start laundry, make pancake breakfast, boil pasta for dinner, serve breakfast, I eat, too, and then clean up kitchen.

7:30 Get dressed, dress 2 yr. old.  Baby gets up, I change, dress, and nurse baby while checking/answering email, checking blog, etc.

8:15 Gather all dirty laundry, switch laundry.

8:30-9:15 Work in office for Beloved while children do morning chores and piano practice.

9:15 – Switch laundry.


Bible Story and coloring page with 2 & 4 yr. old boys

Review phonics orally with 4 yr. old.


Math Lesson: fractions.

Math Drill: 100 division problems.

Baby goes down for nap, preschoolers watch video while I do Language Arts with 8 & 10 yr. olds.

8 yr. old finishes with Language Arts and folds one load laundry

I continue working with 10 yr. old.

Baby gets up, I change & nurse baby while still working with 10 yr. old.

11:30 Sis wants to make lunch, so I switch laundry, cook sausage and put together baked ziti for dinner.  Then I eat lunch and clean up, do dishes and run the dishwasher.

12:15 I change and nurse baby while my three older kids sweep up kitchen/dining area

12:30 Free time for children, I continue nursing baby, check email and start writing this post.

1:00 Read Aloud to children: Bound for Oregon by Jean Van Leeuwen (based on true story-this is our history), 10 yr. old folds one load laundry while listening, other children play with toys quietly (they actually are quiet today).  Edited to add: On alternate days, the 8 & 10 yr. olds do Rosetta Stone Spanish and typing instead of history & science.

1:30 Sis normally Reads Aloud Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book 1 (this is our science), but today I did.

2:00 Art: Selection of Draw 50 Books, 8 & 10 year olds choose to draw a Tipi and spend an hour with wonderful results.  I fold and put away laundry while supervising 2 & 4 yr. olds play Reader Rabbit on their computer. Edited to add: we do not do art everyday.  We may do a cooking or sewing project.

3:00 Snack for kids-cookies & milk

10 yr. old decides to lay down-not feeling good, 4 & 8 yr. olds go outside to play, I lay down with 2 yr. old and baby.  I’m not feeling great, either.

4:30 Sis preheats oven.  I switch laundry again, put in the diapers this time.

5:00 Put dinner in oven, 8 yr. old sets table, 10 yr. old feeds animals.  I put together Caesar Salad minus the dressing and visit with little boys.

5:30 Dress salad, slice sourdough, serve Dinner, we eat.

6:30 Clean up!  8 yr. old clears and puts food away, I load dishes (10 yr. old usually does this, but still not feeling good today).  I hang diapers to dry, change baby’s sheets and nurse baby.

7:00 Beloved gives little boys a bath, 8 year old showers, 10 yr. old lays down, I vacuum bedrooms.

7:30 This is when the older children would normally work on penmanship or typing, but instead tonight they watch part of a movie with Beloved, while I switch laundry, update my blogs, etc.

8:30 Office work for two hours

10:30 Watch The Practice, put baby to bed.

12:30 Go to bed



2 thoughts on “A Day in My Life

  1. It's actually 6-1/2 hours sleep. It's my choice to go to bed that late. I could go to bed at 10:30 if I wanted to. But I'm a night owl. I do rest in the afternoons and sleep more on the weekends.

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