Tuesday Tip

I’ve been freezer cooking a long time, and I wanted to share a tip with you all today to help you out with it.  I’ve mentioned this before in my planning ahead series a few months back, but wanted to add a little something to the idea. 

I use my glass casserole dishes as molds to freeze my casseroles (like lasagna & tuna casserole) in.  I then remove them from the molds, repackage and return to the freezer.

For example, I am making Beloved’s Tuna Casserole Recipe, about five at a time.  I carefully line all of my casserole dishes with foil and spray with cooking spray.  I then make my casseroles as usual, cover with foil, and freeze.  The next day, I lift the frozen casserole out and repackage tightly.  For an 8×8, I put it in a gallon freezer bag and seal.  For a 9×13, I wrap with another layer of foil, and then a layer of freezer paper.  Label all and freeze.

You don’t have to have a bunch of casserole dishes to do this.  You can make a mold out of anything; cardboard for instance.  Just make sure you have something the appropriate size to bake it in.

That’s my tip for today.  Have a great Tuesday!


One thought on “Tuesday Tip

  1. Yes, thanks for mentioning this. I have about five casserole dishes altogether – and I've pondered how many I would have to do to really put much away in the freezer. I will try this. Thanks.


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