She rises while it is still dark……

This is not me.  I am a night person.  But Baby J got up at 5:30 AM to eat this morning, and then prompty threw up all over his Mama.  I needed a shower after that, so I just gave Baby J to Beloved, showered and got to work in the kitchen.

There is great benefit to rising before your family and getting started on your work.  I wish I was a morning person so that would come easier for me.  Although staying up into the morning hours to get work done is much the same thing, and easier on my body clock!

I took advantage of the time by making breakfast, lunch, dinner for today and doing some baking.  My older two children went to work with Daddy today on a project we have in town.  Their Papa will be working with them, too.  It’s a multi-generational project, I guess.  I packed their lunch and made my little boys’ lunch, too.  Then daughter and I worked on some Valentines.

This morning, I have a few errands to run and then back home to use my extra time (older children doubled up on their schoolwork yesterday so they could go with their Daddy today) to spend with my almost five year old in phonics.  Of course, there will be more laundry to work on, too.  Then I will either pick up my older children, or Daddy will bring them home for their piano lessons at 3 PM.  By 4:30, I’ll be ready to sit down and zone for a bit before dinner.  Hopefully we can make an early night of it.

Tomorrow will be busy, too.  So I will likely post my Frugal Friday tip late tonight.

Blessings today,



2 thoughts on “She rises while it is still dark……

  1. I find that even though I have a tendency to stay up later and later, I'm really not as effective in the evening hours. Of course, the Proverbs 31 woman stays up late AND gets up early (or at least while it is dark on both ends of the day, she works). Yet, I have a feeling, I really need to train myself to get to bed earlier even though I'm NOT a morning person…I think it would make me more ready for the day.


  2. Cathy,

    I always have a better day when I rise early. Do you know, though, that I'm convinced it doesn't mean we are to go to bed late and rise while still dark EVERYDAY. I believe it's an example of different seasons of our career as Mothers. There will be times when we rise early, and times when we can't so much. I think if you are organized and ready for the day, you have your head start. We definitely need to be one step (or even two) ahead of our families, one way or another!

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