Frugal Friday

Frugal Friday sponsored by: Biblical Womanhood

Being frugal doesn’t just mean saving money.  It can mean saving time, too.  Afterall, time is money, right?  At least, I consider my time valuable, and you should, too.

I instituted new rules about laundry at our house, recently.  Here’s the deal: Wear your pants two days, not just one.  I always have, but my children are changing their clothes left and right.  My son can have up to three pairs of pants on in any given day.  Now, he can still be a boy and be careful with his clothes, too.  I am convinced of that.  He’s still working on this, but I think I have everyone else in line.

I do about three loads per day, six days a week, including a load of diapers everyday.  My machines get a rest on Sundays, as I do.  That’s a lot of electricity.  We’re on a well, so I don’t worry about my water much, but I do worry about the electrical bill.  Reducing the amount of laundry I have to do saves my time, and it also saves energy = money.


One thought on “Frugal Friday

  1. Hi, It is nice to meet you and read your blog. Laundry!! What a task. I have been doing so much better as of late and limiting the childrens amount of clothing is proving to be a great help!
    God Bless,

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