What I Got Done on Saturday


LOL!  If you’ve read my blog for a while you know that I normally get quite a bit done on Saturdays.  We normally don’t homeschool on Saturdays, and Beloved is home to help keep the children busy or work with them outside.  If the weather isn’t good, he keeps them entertained inside, allowing me to get projects or cooking done.  Usually, it’s cooking.

This Saturday, though, after getting home from California on Friday evening, we slept in!  Then Beloved had a customer he needed to take care of and I planned the menu and grocery list.  It took me all morning to do that with interruptions.  When Beloved came home, we all went grocery shopping.  Other than that, I think I did two loads of laundry (the items we had brought with us to CA) and that’s it.

Yesterday, I did get some cooking done.  I made pesto, salsa, yogurt and 4 loaves of banana bread from a recipe I found in a Bed & Breakfast Cookbook I’ve had for a long time, but never really used.  The bread was a recipe from a Hawaiian B&B and I thought it had to be good.  It was.  One loaf was completely gone before bedtime last night.  And I think we ate almost half of another this morning with the homemade yogurt.  Yum!

I actually made it to bed by 10:30 last night and I feel well-rested for this week.  PTL!


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